Our Journey

Koffeco is a homegrown skincare brand inspired by natural beauty and natural origins. Koffeco wants every person to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, literally! Using careful formulation from India and naturally-derived ingredients, Koffeco aims to revitalize and hydrate your skin.

It all started with Ankita Agrawal, an everyday Indian woman living in a bustling metropolis. When she was younger, she had skin issues that prevented her from being able to use conventional skin care products. Because of her sensitive skin, she had very limited options other than the medicinal skin care products she was prescribed to, it was also making her skin dry and dull.

Wondering why conventional skincare products don’t work on her, she started to read the ingredients and labels of each products & learned about what they do and how they are made. Soon she found that the ingredients used in many skincare brands have a lot of synthetics and toxins. Things like phthalates, parabens, and distillates are known to cause problems to skin cells and disrupt water retention.

She realized that the secret to good skincare isn’t jamming too many ingredients into one product. Instead, skincare should use minimal but effective ingredients derived from nature. It should also focus on hydrating the skin for it will promote a glowing natural beauty. Determined to fill this gap, she set off in search for the perfect skincare range.

What was before shared with a small number of friends and family, today she have expanded with an official range of products that takes only 4+1 steps for a complete skincare routine with brand name “Koffeco” due to our mission for a no-fuss natural beauty, all of Koffeco products are toxin-free and made with effective natural ingredients. Best of all, Koffeco saves time and money with minimal yet effective and hydrating skincare!

The result is glowing, radiant, and healthy skin that brings out the best in you!